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Wifi and Networking

We specialize in all phases of network installs including (but not limited to) running wires/cables through walls and ceilings, wired and wireless networking diagnostics and repairs, and installation/implementation of security. That way we are able to get you up and running ⁠— and to keep you there!

Phone Systems

We are experts in the installation, troubleshooting, repair, and expansion of multiple phone systems of both analog and digital variety. We specialize in the installation, repair, and reprogramming of telephony hardware as well as software installation/configuration and troubleshooting.

PC's and POS

We are experienced in PC installations, diagnostics, and repair of both hardware and software.  We are fluent in all versions of Windows. Our techs have years of in-field experience , from deployments to troubleshooting, and we work with all major brands of POS equipment.

CCTV's and Monitors

 Our technicians are skilled in installation and repair of  LCD, plasma, and projection type monitors.  We offer multiple CCTV solutions built to address your asset protection needs. Each CCTV system is custom built to match your site's unique needs.

...and even More!

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